Draft Land Use Bylaw #180 Survey

The Council of the Summer Village of Norris Beach is requesting feedback from Summer Village residents on specific changes to the Land Use Bylaw that were identified by residents at the public hearing for the new Land Use Bylaw (Proposed Bylaw 180) held on May 25, 2023.   A copy of the 1st read bylaw can be found here: Draft Land Use Bylaw #180

Council is specifically requesting feedback on regulations related to development of tourist homes (i.e., Airbnb, Vrbo rentals) and the storage and use of recreational vehicles.

The deadline to complete this survey is 11:59 PM on September 15, 2023.  All information collected will be shared with the Council of the Summer Village of Norris Beach.

To complete the survey, visit: https://forms.office.com/r/PTRNaRTSVe.

Additionally, a paper copy of the survey will be mailed to every resident in the Summer Village. Completed surveys can be mailed to Municipal Planning Services using the enclosed stamped envelope.